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Quite often, with psychological dysfunction, it was in such circumstances that an erection arose "out of spite", since it was not expected to appear, and it was not required. This is where the world-old "forbidden fruit" tactic comes into play.

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It is known that in the period of the Renaissance and the century of classicism, "shpansky flies" were used for this, or plasters, powder and ointments from poisonous blister beetles. The active ingredient is cantharidin, a skin blister poison. It is very harmful when ingested, but it causes strong sexual arousal. Perhaps this is the most famous historical drug for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, and, in general, sexual weakness.

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In addition to this "ideal remedy for the treatment of erectile dysfunction without drugs," there is a whole group of drugs that are designed to enhance erection.

But the treatment of erectile dysfunction has always been a "gold mine" not only for pharmacists, but also for charlatans: after all, the number of physically healthy men with erectile dysfunction is great, but faith in a doctor and medicine sometimes works wonders. So, you can "return Muschin's strength" with the help of a conspiracy, love spell, grandmother, grandfather, and even simply by putting a "miracle ring" on your finger.

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The modern set of drugs is both really acting drugs that have proven effectiveness, and all kinds of food additives that do not have such an evidence base.

What drugs have proven their effectiveness in the treatment of erectile dysfunction? OriginalThe first drug is sildenafil, commercial name Viagra, produced only by Pfizer, Pfizer. All other attempts, like "Fitogra", to be similar in name to the leader in its class, are rather ridiculous. The effectiveness of sildenafil at the use of 100 mg reaches 82%.

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Curiously, when the patient is introduced into the appropriate trance, in some cases, in one session, a mass of men can be relieved of impotence by a single hypnotist of the "average hand".

This is the number of patients who reported a positive effect, which is more than 3 times higher than the control group who used a placebo, "dummy". The cost of "Viagra" in the Russian Federation at the end of 2016 is at least 500 rubles for one tablet in a minimum dosage of 0.025 g in terms of the citrate salt of sildenafil. Anything that is cheaper is most likely fakes. It is possible to sell cheaper generics with the INN “Sildenafil”.

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Like many other drugs, "Viagra", or sildenafil, presented the researchers with a "surprise", as it was originally proposed for the treatment of heart attack, but found it completely untenable. But in the treatment of erectile dysfunction, the drug was highly effective, increasing the flow of blood into the corpora cavernosa during erection. The drug is effective mainly for vascular disorders, as well as for psychological dysfunction.

Immediately after the "accidental find", all searches were activated for the group of phosphodiesterase inhibitors, to which "Viagra" belongs

  • In the event that there is diabetes, compression of pelvic nerves or endocrine causes, then the effect of the drug without treatment of the underlying disease will be lower, although an improvement in erection was noted not only by patients with diabetes, but also by patients with spinal trauma. The pill should be taken one hour before sexual intercourse; on average, an average dose of 50 mg was the most effective. Before use, you need to carefully study the instructions, since the drug has side effects and interactions with other drugs.

  • Its distinctive feature is its longer lasting effect. And this reduces nervousness, especially during the first, romantic date. How to tell a friend that half an hour ago “everything went as it should” and I drank Viagra, and now I need to stop talking and it's time to “start”.

  • "Cialis" allows you to stretch the waiting time for 5-6 hours, since its half-life is almost a day - more than 17 hours. This increases the chances of success. The next active drug in this group was Levitra, silt vardenafil. It is much more effective than sildenafil and at the same time has fewer side effects on the body, for example, it has less effect on spermatogenesis.

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